Amigos Cleaning Co. logo

Amigos Cleaning Co. logo


Amigos Cleaning Co., a cleaning business (via K6 Media)

Project Rundown

This was a pretty straightforward project. The company was called Amigos Cleaning Co., and I was asked to create a character-based logo.

With a name like “Amigos”, it comes as no surprise that the client wanted the character to have a “Latin” feel. We decided to create a Latin-looking man proudly holding a mop, with some kind of banner in front of him.

My first sketch was intended to be a fun “Spanish”-looking character. Ugh. It ended up being a car crash between a terrible “Mexican” stereotype and Super goddamn Mario:

Amigos logo

Just brutal. There is a saying that applies here: “The first draft of anything is shit.”

But the nice thing about first drafts is that they help you find your footing. We decided to make the Amigo look less cartoony, more realistic, more handsome:

Amigos logo

We liked the overall feel of this, but we decided that this Amigo was too hairy, too hunky. So, I cleaned him up a bit:

Amigos logo

There we go! This Amigo looked friendly, responsible, and nice. Bingo.

This was that sweet point in any design process where you kind of “click in” into the right solution–where, even though the work’s not done, you feel that you’ve connected with what it needs to become.

The next sketch was a sort of general refinement. I traced over the previous sketch, refining the Amigo while building in what would be the true shape and layout of the banner. You could think of this as building the walls in a new house:

Amigos logo

Then I traced over that, with more careful and precise vector line-art:

Amigos logo

The difference isn’t dramatic at first glance, but if you study these last two sketches, you can see how the artwork became cleaner, sharper, polished.

Next, I worked only on the banner. We realized that it wasn’t really tall enough for the company name, so I redrew the banner, and then inserted the company name:

Amigos logo

And with that, the “drawing” part of this logo was done! Next, I added color:

Amigos logo

…and then added some subtle shading to give it a bit of dimension:

Amigos logo

And that’s it! I’m quite happy with this logo. Clean, colorful, fun…and thankfully I think we avoided unpleasant stereotyping, too.

Here’s a GIF visualization of the whole design process:

Amigos logo process

…and, as always, remember that it’s important to make sure that your logo, even a moderately complex illustration like this one, works in one color!

Amigos Cleaning Co. logo


Once I handed off the logo, it was integrated into a website design:

Amigos website

…and I helped integrate the logo into a vehicle wrap:

Amigos wrap